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Wire wrapped Jewellery

Caer Werid’ originally came about as a response to a lack of  local, affordable, quirky and original gifts.

My background in art and craft, mixed with a love of bright shiny things allied with a need for thrift led to my daughter suggesting that I reach more people like myself.

So .... Here we are

Take your time and browse the site and if you have any suggestions, or have an idea for a gift for someone special, that you just can’t find, drop me line and I’ll do my best to realise your idea - be sensible....

(Please be aware that offensive e-mails will be passed to the relevant authority.)

All commissions demand that I work with you (the customer) in order that we’re all happy, so please be aware that a commission may take six weeks or more to complete. After an initial enquiry I will endeavour to provide a realistic time of delivery and idea of cost.

Pendants, bracelets, ear-rings and other items of jewellery, made utilising wire of all kinds, bronze, copper, silver and enamelled  craft wire, containing, crystals, beads,pearls and glass......

‘Caer Werid’, according to some ‘authorities’, means ‘Green Hill’ and was reputedly the name that the early Britons or Welsh gave to the site of Lancaster in what is now north-west England. This area has variously been the centre of the lands of the Welsh following the Roman withdrawal from Britain. It has been part of Cumberland, was part of Scotland a few times and is now part of the Crown Estate of the Duchy of Lancaster.

In all its guises the most important place in Lancaster is Castle Hill. There may have been an iron age hill fort here which was later built over by at least two Roman Forts, very little of which survive, having been built over yet again during the early medieval period to provide us with our outstanding Castle and Priory which guard the first safe fording point of the River Lune.

This is a beautiful area of England, we are surrounded by the hills, forests, lakes and moors of the Forest of Bowland AONB , the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the Lake District National Park, whilst to our south are the meres and sands of The Fylde.

Here at ‘Caer Werid’ (caerwerid.co.uk) I appreciate how lucky I am to live in this ‘forgotten corner’, and hope that my proximity to so much natural beauty is reflected in my creations.

As with many ‘creative’, minds I am interested in our wider environment and the ‘question of nature’. On our Links page you will find links to many different ideas and sites, please be aware that clicking through to these sites is at your own responsibility. I may also be paid by those sites if you purchase goods from them.

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I have been described in many ways (I don’t listen to those I don’t like…), mainly, creative and caring. I care about the things I create, and I care about those I create for…. In these hectic times I like to provide an environment where relaxation and comfort abound. My studio is often filled with gentle music and background sounds of nature. I personally am interested in spiritual growth and have investigated all sorts of areas, links to those I have found beneficial to me can be found on the links page…. Enjoy…