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Natural Crystals

I describe my gemstone jewellery range as Natural Crystals - what does this mean?

Natural Crystals are formed from  silicates (rocks) and minerals that occur naturally on this beautiful planet of ours.

Quartz Crystals, of which I use Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Aventurine, Citrine and Carnelian, are formed by the ‘re-melting’ under pressure of sedimentary rocks such as sandstone.

I also use Garnet and Amazonite which are Mineral Crystals. All are wrapped in Sterling Silver unless otherwise specified.

These are my core crystals, so to speak, not that I cannot be seduced by moonstone, tigers-eye or indeed any other bright, shiny or just plain ‘interesting’ stone!

All Natural Crystal jewellery is formed from tumble polished  stones and beads or the natural raw form as in our wrapped Quartz Points and can be worn as stunning jewellery in colours to complement  your wardrobe or chosen for their healing properties when used in Crystal Healing or Reiki.

Just as the tumbled raw crystal has its’ own shape, each piece is unique.

Carnelian and green Aventurine, cradled in Sterling Silver 4x4cm

Tumbled natural Citrine in Sterling Silver cross Wrap

4cm x 2cm

The colours in this almost triangular Moonstone are set off to good effect by the gunmetal coloured wire wrap.

2cm x2.5cm

This is natural Emerald,  the centre of the stone suggests a snake head, the sterling silver wrap continues the suggestion.  3.5 x 2cm

A deceptive wrap on a subtle stone. This Tigers Eye shades from almost black to gold.  4x2cm

Gently cradled in a supportive cage, the full beauty of this Golden Tigers Eye gem glows.

A Clear Quartz Crystal Point in Sterling Silver.  5cm x 1.5cm

A short description of the healing effects of  the crystals that I use can be found here. My core crystals correspond to the seven main chakras and can be used in Reiki to provide focus.