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All my Sea Charms are constructed using sea tumbled glass that I have collected from the beaches around Great Britain. Most come from Morecambe Bay on the North-West coast of England. All are wrapped in enamelled craft wire unless otherwise described, some are embellished with glass beads. all are supplied with adjustable 2mm leather thong. Due to the materials used each pendant is one of a kind.

all are supplied with adjustable 2mm leather thong. Sterling Silver (925) 18inch diamond cut curb chain can be supplied at  a cost of £5.00 each.  Contact Us

A very simple but effective pendant. Silver Triskele and sea green enamelled wire. 3.75cm x 2.5cm

The triskele is an ancient symbol, thought to represent birth, life and death as an ever revolving cycle.

The Tree of Life, gold enamelled wire with each branch holding a small bead representing the seven chakras.

3.5cm x 3.5cm

(Please see our Natural Crystals page)

Roughly five sided well worn glass with an amethyst crystal providing a small accent.

The ancient greeks wore Amethyst as a protection from drunkeness, today we recognise its’ properties of balance and protection. 3cm x 3cm

This little piece of glass caught my interest as it has been chipped, revealing the clear glass within. I have used three tourquise miyuki 0.4mm square beads to accentuate the pale blue of the glass. 3cm x 2.5cm

An almost teardrop shape embellished with a small butterfly bead and two pale lime green bugle beads.

3.5cm x 2cm

I love the translucency of this piece which allows the colour of any garment that it is placed on to subtly show through. It is wrapped to enhance the simplicity of the shape with two small swirls at the top.

4cm x 2.5cm

I like to think of this little pendant as representing the ripples in a pond after I’ve thrown in a pebble, it helps me to remember that actions have consequences!

2.5cm x 1.75cm

I had such fun making this piece! My ‘peacock’ contains sea-green, gold and silver coloured wire, holding together seed beads and bugle beads in blues, greens, purples and gold, it even has a pearlised button! The glass on which it is formed has a flower or starburst pattern which adds extra interest - if it needs any!

4.75cm x 3.25cm.